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Mirza The Untold Story starring Gippy Grewal, Mandy Takhar

Mirza The Untold Story is an upcoming Punjabi movie, directed by Baljjit Singh Deo,  expected to release on April 6, 2012.  The movie has  Gippy Grewal and Mandy Takhar in the lead roles as well as  Rahul Dev and  Bunnu Dhillion.  Many of you will recall Mandy Takhar from Ekam The son of soil moving starring Babbu Mann.

From first impressions, Mirza The Untold story revolves around alarming gang related activity amongst the Punjabi youth community in the Vancouver, Canada region.

The man behind the movie

The director, Baljit Singh Deo, is also resides in Canada has previously directed  Jag Jeondeyan de Mele starring Harbhajan Mann.  Baljit Singh has directed numerous Punjabi music videos and it was while directing Gippy Grewal’s Flower and Hathiyar that he chose Gippy Grewal as those videos were sort of a test screening for the movie according to Baljit Singh Deo.  Obviously, Gippy Grewal did not know about this.   More about Baljit Singh Deo’s transition from an engineer to photography and directing is an interesting one and worth a read.

First impressions?

There has been a lot of expectations from the movie especially after the first look promo of the movie was released on youtube.  The fans loved the technical aspect as it gave the look of a Hollywood movie.  A lot of positive vibes are coming from this movie.

Mirza The Untold Story First Look Promo/Trailer on Youtube

Do check out the first theatrical promo of Mirza The Untold Story has been released

The music of the movie is given by Honey Singh.  Infact, Honey Singh also has a role in the movie itself.  Cinematography is by Toby Gorman with camera work by Pinder Tiwana along with David, Sterling, Salo as assistant cameramen.  Movie is produced by Inda Raikoti/Aman Khatkar.

Walllpapers of Mirza The Untold Story by

Mirza The Untold Story Punjabi WallpaperDownload

Mirza - Gippy Grewal WallpaperDownload

Mirza The Untold Story Punjabi WallpaperDownload

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Photos of Mirza The Untold Story

The Technical Crew of Mirza The Untold Story

Mandy Takhar and Gippy Grewal

An animated Baljit Singh Deo directing that perfect shot

Gippy Grewal telling you to go and watch the movie in the threatres or else… 🙂