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Pure Punjabi Music Review

Pure Punjabi, the newest Punjabi movie of 2012, is a musical journey of friends and emotions of friendship, love, music.  It is important to note that Pure Punjabi is a youth oriented movie and this is reflected in the music album of the movie.  The music director, Gurmoh, has done a very good job with this music album.  More information about the movie Pure Punjabi can be found in the Pure Punjabi movie article.  Also, check out the lyrics of Pure Punjabi as well.

Let’s talk about the Challa song first.  There have been many renditions of Challa and this one is right up there at the top.  With guitars blasting in the background, the singer Sanjeev has done justice to the song.  While keeping the central theme of Challa intact, the lyrics are by Gurjeet Khosa are good.  One of the best songs in Pure Punjabi.

Angel in my Dream is a combination of English and Punjabi with lyrics by Arjun Singh & Ravi Musique.  This romantic has a very soft touch to it and the singers, Arjun Singh & Simarjeet Kaur, have done a good job especially the Punjabi bit.

Assi Malik apni marzi de is a song full of josh with touch of rock and a funky music.  This is definitely something different.  Reminds one of the Karmasa Punjabi Rock band. The lyrics are by Gurjeet Khosa

Umeed is another nice song.  Hey, what can I say this is a really good album. Zorawar Singh does a fairly good job with the singing.  The song sounds a bit like a Hindi song for some reason.  However, it adds a different flavor to Punjabi music.

Yara Dol Na Javi sung by Shahid Mallaya is yet another great song.  It is a song of memories, friendship, and the strength to keep going.  A light song with some strong emotions.


Bande sung by Surinderjit Maqsuepuri is a soul searching song.  I think this was made with the story in mind.  It’s an ok song with a lot of talking type singing if you know what I mean.  The lyrics are good with some uplifting words of wisdom and hope.  Oh Bande tu kyon fire udaas…

The other songs are jolly type beat party-type songs.  Master Saleem looks a misfit in Daddy Kahende Ne as it does not do justice to his talent.  It’s suppose to be a silly funny song.

The theme song, Pure Punjabi, is a typical Mika Singh song ala Jatt Tinka.  You know what you’re getting with Mika.  It’s alright.

Propose is a catchy song with a good beat and rhythm.  It will look better with a music video.
Party is a club type song good for dancing by Nirmal Sidhu and Nav Sidhu.  Yet another song that will go well with a music video

Overall,Pure Punjabi is  a very good album and highly recommended especially for those looking for some urban fused beats.  My favorite songs in the album would be Challa, Angel in my Dreams, Assi Malik, Yaara Dol na jaavi, and Umeed.

Singer and Lyrics information on the back of the cover:

Daddy Kahende Ne
Singer: Master Saleem
Lyrics: Gurjeet Khosa

Singer: Sangeev
Lyrics: Gurjeet Khosa

Yara Dol Na Javi
Singer: Shahid Mallay
Lyrics: Soni Batra

Pure Punjabi
Singer: Mika Singh
Lyrics: Kumar

Singers: Nirmal Sidhu and Nav Sidhu
Lyrics: Kumar

Angel in my Dream
Singers: Arjun Singh & Simarjeet Kaur
Lyrics: Arjun Singh & Ravi Musique

Singer: Shahid Mallay
Lyrics: Kashmir Thakkarwal

Assi Malik
Singers: Sanjeev Gurmoh
Lyrics: Gurjeet Khosa

Singer: Zorawar Singh
Lyrics: Zorawar Singh & Ravi Musique

Surinderjit Maqsuepuri
Lyrics:  Surinderjit Maqsuepuri